International Webinar: Mythemes of the North – Autumn 2020

October 15th , 6 pm                     
Alessandra Ballotti, Claire McKeown, Thomas Mohnike, and Pierre-Brice Stahl:
Exploring Mythemes
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November 19th , 6 pm
Thomas Mohnike (University of Strasbourg) :              
Tracing Mytheme Change. Report from the Mytheme Laboratory
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December 17th , 6 pm   
Davide Finco (University of Genoa):
About Bibi, Sjov and the Fishermen. Looking for Danish Mythemes in the Late 1920s

January 22nd 2020 , 6 pm              
Alessandra Ballotti (University of Upper Alsace):
Political and Social Mythemes in Ibsen’s first Italian Critical Reception

The webinars will be held every third Thursday of the month from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. (Central European Time) at Everyone is welcome to join and to participate in the discussion. The presentations will be made available soon after on our website.

Alessandra Ballotti (Lorraine University), Claire McKeown (Lorraine University),
Thomas Mohnike (University of Strasbourg), and Pierre-Brice Stahl (Sorbonne University)h

Theory of Mythemes

Mythemes of social knowledge refer to the smallest units of discourse. As such, they are the constitutive units of narratives, at the level of the narrated. The analysis of those repertoires of mythemes, their natures and connections, help us understand the transformations, cultural circulations, and geographical imaginations. The project aims to map the evolution of narrative knowledge of the North in Europe since the Middle Ages. It is using the latest advances of digital humanities, cross breeding it with productive new-readings and sometimes voluntary misunderstanding of (post-)structuralist theories, cultural media studies, and studies of geographies of knowledge. For further information and link to articles, you can visit our website: