4/12/14 : Scandinavian Slave and Triangular Trade in Literature, Art and Memory

Lill-Ann Körber (Berlin)

4 décembre à 18h, salle 4307, le Patio,  plan d’accès :  http://www.unistra.fr/plans/zoom/centre/c4/61/

The picture of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark on a village chief’s verandah in Ghana.

For centuries, the Scandinavian countries participated in the European transatlantic expansion and its scramble for tropical colonies and their resources. In the form of a travelogue in images and text, the lecture will present examples of how the shared histories of places in Scandinavia, West Africa and the Caribbean, as well as the encounters of Scandinavian plantation owners, governors, merchants and travelers with (descendants of) slaves, are represented, reflected and remembered in contemporary Nordic literature, art and museums.